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JB Mechanics offers a 7 day service with state of the art diagnostics, car servicing
and repairs to all makes and models of vehicles.

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Friendly service with more benefits.

JB Mobile Mechanics is well equipped and with the latest technology based in North West London.

Operating with a low cost base enables us to pass savings to our customers and therefore gives very competitive pricing.

We provide a personal service at your doorstep – whether at home or at your work place – no need for you to travel.

We also provide a services including vehicle servicing, brake repairs, vehicle diagnostics, repairs & more.

What we offer

Services We Offer

JB Mechanics offer a wide range of services and mechanical repairs for
your vehicle, all performed by qualified mechanics using the latest equipment and to the highest quality standards.


JB Mechanics carries out vehicle servicing and repairs to all makes and models.

Brakes / Shock Absorbers

JB Mechanics offers brake repair and suspension and steering repair services.

Gearbox Repairs

Your gearbox is essential for the smooth and safe running of your vehicle, but there may come a time when it needs to be repaired or replaced.

Mechanical Repairs

Bring in your vehicle for all types of mechanical repairs for all makes and models.


JB Mechanics is repairing and replacing the damaged tyre.

Exhaust System

JB Mechanics keeps your vehicle running safe and efficient with frequent checks of your exhaust system to ensure you and your family’s safety.

Body Service

If your vehicle been in an accident and damage that required car body repair by the very best in the business, kindly contact us for free consultation.

Electrical Repairs

JB Mechanics take the approach that all electrical repairs can be completed at minimum cost to our customers, and as quickly as possible.

Timing Belts

The timing belt and water pump will need to be changed in line with the manufacturer's recommendation.

Starter Motors

JB Mechanics is repairing starter motors whose job it is to start your car’s engine.


JB Mechanics isidentifying and assessing problems that may negatively affect the normal operation of a vehicle.


MOT test checks for a number of issues that can make it unsafe or environmentally unfriendly, including the exhaust emissions and electronics.

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